How I do a Comic!

1- First I start by making the characters first! I finished an inked version for my client, who wanted an Oz story for this particular story.


2- Then I do the penciling- if it looks rough, it’s ok! It hasn’t been inked yet. I usually add the dialogues at that moment and the frames to get that step done and I can concentrate on the rest of the piece.


3- It’s inked! Gotta think of those thick and thin lines to give it personality and depth!


4- Then the colors are added! For this particular scene, it doesn’t need shading- but you can add as many as you like- I rather keep it to two levels of shading so it doesn’t look too heavy.

basic coloring-andrea-montano

5- Details are added to the last panel! I added some blue gradient to our boy protagonist so he doesn’t look too flat and there’s some depth in certain scenes so it gives the effect of distance in the second panel. For the last panel, I added more colors and glow on the back of our villain so it shows her powers. I select that layer and added the glowing effect through layer effects using the color purple for that glow.

detail colors-andrea-montano

6- Finally is finished! I selected the layer with the lines (ctrl>select layer with your mouse pressing click on the layer), made a new layer and then go to select>expand about 3 or 4 pixels and then use select>feather and add around 14 for your feather effect. I added the color orange so it looks finished! Try to decrease the opacity of the layer down to at least half or 35%. I then erased it for all panels except for the 5th and 6th panel so it looks like the villain is coming by showing this glow, therefore her magic glow is starting to show for the reader.


Hoped you liked my little tutorial. Keep drawing and making mistakes and learning from them. It’s the best way to get better at art!


You can read the rest of the comic here: