Comic Book Publications

I wanted to make an article about a few of the comic book publications I’ve participated and you can access through different media- that would be easily available to download or read for you to be entertained! This will updated as they get released!

Blu Lullaby– Publisher- Action Labs Danger Zone- 15 year old and above- completed

Written by Chad Perkins! All art done by me! You can purchase it through Comixology!

Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet– Publisher – Sugar Skull Media- 17 year old and older- completed

Written by Drew Edwards and the interior artwork is penciled and inks by me. April Guadiana did the coloring and both comic covers are made by Evan Quiring. Other artists participated as well such as Matthew Callahan, Natalee Glockzin, Steven Grawrock, Zac Nathaniel and Nick White.  

More comic adventures coming from him drawn by me in the very soon future!

Noblemen #1– Author: L. Y. Shiu – 12 years old and above

L. Y. Shiu starts the adventure with protagonist Noble sensing his friend Blay is hiding something, but The Agency has a lock on Blay and his secrets!

The Prosperity Dimension: A Small Biz Sci-Fi Adventure– Author- Nicole Fende- PG- completed

Written by Nicole Fende and all artwork is made by me as well, explaining the wisdom behind making great business.

Available in Amazon.

THE CARNEVILLANS OF OZ – Author: Wandering Talespinner – PG- Ongoing!

Author Wandering Talespinner writes a incredible adventure of Dorothy against the Carnevillans of Oz! All art made by me.